Why should I pay attention to Acceptance Rate and Response Time?

If your Booking Preferences are set to Request to Book, you will see two metrics on your spot detail page. 

  • Acceptance Rate: the historical rate of Requests to Book that you have accepted. This is calculated as (Accepted Requests to Book) / (Total Requests to Book). Guests want to be confirmed for Requests to Book they make, so this statistic helps guests understand how likely it is that they will be confirmed before they Request to Book. 
  • Response Time: the historical typical time you take to respond to Requests to Book. This is calculated as median response time to Requests to Book. Guests want quick confirmations for Requests to Book, so this helps guests understand how long they may need to wait to be confirmed before they Request to Book.

These metrics only show up on a spot if there is enough recent activity for this spot (3 Requests to Book within the last 60 days).

The higher your Acceptance Rate and the faster your Response Time, the more guests will want to Request to Book your spot!

You can keep tabs on all of your pending Requests to Book on your reservation page

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