How do I cancel a reservation? (for hosts)

This article is about hosts cancelling reservations. To learn how to cancel a reservation as a guest, go here.

We understand that sometimes you have committed to a reservation, but circumstances change out of your control that make it not possible to support that reservation. 

On mobile, you can cancel a reservation by clicking on the three dots on the upper right of the reservation and selecting to cancel the reservation. On desktop, the cancellation option is on the reservation detail page. Reservations can only be cancelled in advance of the start time of the reservation. We will refund the guest and email them to let them know of the cancellation and refund. Unfortunately, since the reservation has already been confirmed, the guest has received your address and access instructions, so we cannot guarantee that they will see the cancellation in time to not visit to your spot.

Note: as a host, cancelling a reservation violates our host standards. We understand that things happen outside of your control, but host cancellations should be a very rare occurrence. 

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