What if someone visits my spot without booking?

All Sniffspot guests are verified prior to using our service and spot address is only shared after a confirmed booking is made. Using spots without reservation through Sniffspot is a violation of our terms of service. If a guest was reported for doing this, we would review their account and, at our discretion, remove them from our service. They would lose access to all of our spots everywhere and going forward. In extreme circumstances, a guest who is returning to a sniff spot without host permission could be subject to legal action for trespassing. 

If you have someone on your property that does not seem to be associated with a Sniffspot booking, we always encourage safety first. If you feel unsafe, contact your local authorities immediately. 
If you believe this is a Sniffspot guest that has come at the wrong time or without a booking, we encourage you to do the following: 1. start from assuming the best, guests do from time to time make honest mistakes and show up at the wrong, when they find out they are normally embarrassed and eager to make it right, 2. check your app to be sure that someone didn't make a last minute time change to come at this time, 3. contact the guest from a safe distance from outside the Sniffspot (it is very important to never enter your Sniffspot when a guest is present) to ask for clarification on their booking time, 4. ask them to come back during their appropriate time or adjust / make their reservation for the current time they are on the property.
If you are uncomfortable and you have identifying information for the Sniffspot guest, please feel free to pass it along to us and we will follow up with the guest to ensure that they adjust / make the appropriate reservation and only ever use Sniffspot during their dedicated time. 

You can read more about  Trust & Safety here.

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