How does pricing work for reservations?

This article is for pricing on reservations. To learn more about pricing on memberships go here.

Every spot has a base price that is per dog per hour (e.g. $10 per dog per hour). 

50% off all dogs after the 1st dog (e.g. if the base price is $10 per dog per hour, then all dogs after the first dog are $5 per hour).  This is consistent across all Sniffspot locations because we want to have a simple pricing model for all spots so that guests don't have to search individually when doing a search to look into property details to understand what it will cost.
25% off hourly price for 30 min visit (e.g. if the hourly price is $10 per dog, then a 30 min booking would be $7.50 per dog)

Note: all of our prices are in USD and we do not support additional currencies at this time.

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