How to unsubscribe from emails

We have several different types of emails:

  • Transactional emails: there are emails related to booking notifications, messages and other user activity.
  • Marketing emails: these are emails related to general Sniffspot updates and requests
  • New spot alerts: these are emails generated by the system to alert guests of new spots that are added near them

If you want to unsubscribe from these emails, please follow this process:

  • Transactional emails: these cannot be unsubscribed from, because these are important notifications related to activity on Sniffspot.
    • For some booking notifications hosts can opt out through their settings. Learn more here.
    • If you feel like you are getting too many of these emails or receiving them in error, please report this to [email protected] and we will see how we can help.
  • Marketing emails: there is an unsubscribe link in the footer of all marketing emails and you can unsubscribe through clicking that link
  • New spot alerts: you can manage your new spot alerts here. If you want to turn them off completely, you can turn the toggle to "Inactive" and click "Done" on the page.
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