$2M host liability insurance

Sniffspot provides liability coverage to all Sniffspot hosts at no additional charge.

I cannot emphasize how rare this insurance is - as far as we know, this insurance has never before been issued. We had an insurance company design and issue a new policy type just for our Sniffspot hosts.

Host Protection Insurance provides primary liability coverage for up to $2,000,000 ($1M per occurrence) in the event of a third-party claim of bodily injury (dogs and people) or property damage related to a booked Sniffspot visit. AM Best gives our insurance carrier a rating of A (Excellent).

This policy only applies to the United States of America (including its territories and possessions), Puerto Rico, and Canada. This policy only applies to official Sniffspot bookings that are booked through Sniffspot. Hosts have Additional Insured status for being registered backyard owners on the SniffSpot app.

Host Protection Insurance will only act as the primary insurance coverage for incidents related to a booked Sniffspot visit, but it's available to hosts regardless of their other insurance arrangements.

There are limitations to liability coverage of Extras offered. Read more here.

Here are some examples of what Host Protection Insurance covers:

  • A guest breaks their ankle after misstepping and brings a claim for the injury against the host.
  • A guest is sitting on a bench in your yard. The bench breaks and the guest is injured when they fall. They bring a claim for the injury against the host and the landlord.
  • A stick injures a guest’s dog on your property. The guest brings a claim for the injury against the host.

Some relevant examples of what Host Protection Insurance doesn’t cover: 

  • Intentional acts where liability isn’t the result of an accident (except in cases of self defense)
  • Contractual liability (liability related to not providing contractually agreed upon services)
  • Liquor liability when providing alcoholic drinks
  • Workers compensation
  • Employer's liability
  • Pollution liability (liability from pollution from your business)
  • Aircraft, Auto Or Watercraft
  • Mobile equipment (e.g. any vehicles with permanently attached cranes, diggers, drills or loaders)
  • War
  • Damage to property (this is covered by our property damage coverage)

Some hosts have the misconception that this insurance will proactively pay for damages that occur during visits, like a guest being injured. Guests are not covered by our host insurance. All guests agree to our Waiver and Release before visiting any spots. The Waiver and Release states clearly that the guest assumes all risk and takes full responsibility for their visit. You can read the Waiver and Release here. So guests are fully responsible for any damages that occur during visits and our host liability insurance only protects hosts against claims brought against them for liability damages.


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