Visiting a new spot

New sniff spots are the best kind of sniff spot to visit. They are exciting and you can be the first one to find out about an amazing new spot!

For new hosts, getting a first review is very important for them. Once a host has a review, it attracts many more guests, that also write reviews and it begins a virtuous cycle. Guests prefer to visit sniff spots with reviews. On the flip side, this also makes it hard for hosts to get their first review. 

When you are checking out any sniff spot you haven’t visited before, and especially new sniff spots, make sure to be extra cautious in how you introduce your dog to the space:
  1. Leave your dog in the car and observe the sniff spot space yourself. Do you see any hazards? Are there any dogs (or doggie doors that dogs could use to enter the space), other domestic animals or people in the space? Walk around the space and observe it before bringing your dog into the space.
  2. Does there appear to be any people on the property? It can’t hurt to knock on the door and let folks know that you are in the area and will be there with your dog. Sometimes new hosts forget to notify their household about guests. 
  3. Bring your dog out on leash and walk the perimeter of the sniff spot before letting them off leash. Is the fencing, if expected to be secure, actually secure? Are there any hazards that the initial review didn’t reveal?
  4. Make mental or actual notes of anything that surprised you about the sniff spot - make sure to include it in your review so future guests aren’t surprised! Also, make sure to include feedback in your private note to the host. Hosts are hungry to improve and they don’t know what to improve if guests don’t tell them!
  5. Make sure to write a review to help this new host get started with Sniffspot and to help future guests know what to exist at the spot. It's a great way to give back to the community!
Have fun sniffspotting!
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