Is Sniffspot safe to use?

Sniffspot is designed to be safe to use, compared to public dog parks and other alternatives that are not designed with safety in mind. 

We provide a number of security features that are standard in the industry, used by companies such as Airbnb and Uber. 

  • All users are verified via credit card and fraud checks. 
  • We also require for all dogs to have current vaccinations and flea prevention to minimize the risk of disease and illness
  • Guests need to agree to our waiver before using, which indemnifies hosts. 
  • All guests are required to agree to the rules before booking. If guests are not good members of our community, you can ban them from your spot. For repeated infractions, we may remove guests from our community all together.
  • Lastly, we provide coverage in case a property is damaged and we provide liability protection through our $2M Host Protection Insurance

Read more about  Trust & Safety.

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