What is Sniffspot?

Sniffspot is Airbnb for dog parks. We enable anyone to rent land by-the-hour as a safe and private dog park.

Here are some quick facts:

  • All of our spots are provided by hosts, landowners that choose to share their land with dog owners.
  • Our guests are conscientious dog parents that are willing to pay to give their dogs the ability to have safe and private exercise.
  • All bookings are private, meaning that guests book a specific time to visit and no other dogs, other domestic animals or people can be in the spot during visits besides those the guest brings with them
  • Sniffspot is a dog park rental, not a dog day care, so guests stay with and remain responsible for their dogs at all times during visits
  • Safety is our top priority so we have important rules that guests and hosts need to follow during visit

Sniffspot is a marketplace, so we are a marketing platform for hosts to offer their yard or land to dog parents. We provide website and payment services. Read more about the role of Sniffspot in our terms of service here

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