Providing access instructions and images

Access instructions are super important for a great guest experience. Once a guest has a confirmed booking, they will automatically be provided the access instructions that you have added to your spot, so these instructions should be complete enough for a guest to easily access and visit your spot. Note: access instructions are never provided to guests before they book your spot.

Important things to include in your access instructions:

  • Parking information
  • Spot entrance location
  • Access code to the gate (if any)
  • Where the garbage is for pet waste bags
  • How to fill the water bowl
  • Remind the guest to use the provided sanitizer to sanitize toys and water bowl after use
  • Guests may assume areas are off limits or not off limits if they are not specified your access instructions. Make sure to explicitly mention any amenities that the guest may use (chairs, etc.), so they feel comfortable using them. Conversely, make sure to explicitly let them know areas that are off limits.
  • Any special considerations - directions if online maps are inaccurate, special access needs.

You can add images as well to your access instructions. The images will be accessible to guests on their visit page when they have a confirmed booking, so these images will never be shared with guests before they have a confirmed booking. Images could help with:

  • Identifying the entrance to the spot
  • Showing the parking spot
  • Showing the access code or how the lock works
  • Showing where the garbage is
  • Showing where the water bowl or any other amenities are
  • Helping guests identify off limits areas or areas not the enter

You can update your access instructions through your account here.

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