Completing your host profile

Sniffspot is a community, so it's important that our guests know the host that is sharing your spot with them. For this reason, we require hosts to complete their host profiles before hosting with us.

To edit/update your host profile:

  • Go to your host account here
  • Select "My profile" (note: this option is only available if you have a spot already. If you don't have a spot, just finish your first spot and you will update your host profile in that process)

We require a photo that clearly shows the host's face. This personalizes the visit from the guest and makes guests feel more comfortable visiting your spot.

For the "About me" field, we recommend making this 3 - 4 sentences, including:

  • Your background
  • About your dog, if you have one (breed, size, age, temperament, any other fun facts)
  • Whether you have any experience with reactive dogs
  • Why you decided to share your spot

You can update your host profile through your host account here.

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